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Aoyama cemetery in Tokyo
Lucky charms (omamori) at the Nogi-Shrine, Tokyo
The Mori Tower in Roppongi, Tokyo
Landscape on the way to Mizugaki-san, one of Japan’s 100 Famous Mountains
Schoolgirl sleeping on a train
The postman in Magome wears traditional garb from the Edo Period
Pond on the Nakasendo Highway
Old stone pavement of the Nakasendo Highway near the post station of Ochiai
Shop sign in the village of Ena
Green tea bushes near the village of Ena on the old Nakasendo Highway
Potters’ road in Seto, one of Japan's "6 Old Kilns"
Koi: carps in the Tokugawaen, a landscape garden in Nagoya
Oasis 21 in Nagoya
Modern architecture in Nagoya
Pagoda in the Tôji Temple, Kyoto
Painting of Daruma greeting visitors in the Tenryûji Temple in Kyoto
One of the temple guardians (Niô) at Ishiyamadera’s main gate
The Eiheiji Temple near Fukui
Staircase at the Eiheiji Temple
The Castle in Hikone
A souvenir shop selling ninja goods in Kanazawa
Pool by Leandro Erlich in Kanazawa
Great Buddha in Takaoka
An old teahouse in the Higashichaya district, Kanazawa
Traditional house in Shirakawa