> Photos: Egypt - July 2011

People at the public ferry in Assuan
Open Air Museum on Elephantine Island
Nubian village on Elephantine Island
A Nubian House on Elephantine Island
Lounge bar on the MS African Dreams
Pool on the sundeck of the MS African Dreams
Kiosk of Qertassi near Kalabsha temple
Sheep at New Sebua
Alley of Sphinges in New Sebua
Custodian sitting at the rarely visited temple of Dakka in New Sebua
Temple of Derr in New Amada
Water jars in Abu Simbel
Abu Simbel temple at Sunrise
Bus breakdown in the desert between Abu Simbel and Aswan
Felucca on the Nile in Aswan
The great Horus Temple in Edfu
Sanctuary of the Horus Temple in Edfu
Hathor Temple in Dendera, pillars in the Pronaos
Private tomb in Deir el-Medina, the ancient village of workmen in Luxor
Egyptian tourists on Tahrir Sqare, Cairo
San Stefano mall in Alexandria
Public beach in Alexandria during the Egyptian summer holidays
Freshly grilled fish at the wholesale fish market in Alexandria
Frieze of Cobras at Pharao Djoser's step pyramid in Saqqara
Courtyard of the Ibn Tulum Mosque in Cairo
Black gowns in Cairo's Khan al-Khalili market
Juice vendour in Al-Muski, Cairo