> Photos: Egypt - January 2013

Medinet Habu – the Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III
A felucca on the Nile in Luxor
A pharmacy sign in the town of Minya
The desert near the tombs of Beni Hassan in Middle Egypt
A mother with her child waiting for the rest of the family in Minya
Business as usual on the Corniche in Minya
The ancient town of Hermopolis) near Minya
The pyramid of El-Lahun
The Ptolemaic temple “Qasr Qarun”
A cabbage field near the village of Tunis in Fayoum
Lake Qarun near the village of Tunis
Cake buffet at the Café Delices in Alexandria
What do you think men can get there?
Shop front in Alexandria
Guy Fawkes as Pharaoh
In our favourite bakery, El-Abd in Cairo
View from the Cairo Citadel towards the Giza pyramids
A funeral in Cairo
Family outing in the Al Azhar Park, Cairo