> Photos: Kyrgyzstan - June 2012

Nan (bread) seller at the Osh Bazaar in Bishkek
Woman selling dairy products at the Osh Bazaar in Bishkek
Statue of Manas in front of the Philharmonic Society in Bishkek
Local varieties of chocolate spread
Sheep ahead!
Women eating ice cream in Osh
Lenin statue in Osh
Sowjet architecture in Osh
Nan (bread) seller in Osh
The minaret in Özgön
Detail of the Southern Mausoleum in Özgön
Camping in the mountains near Arslanbob
Above 3000 m it was very cold, rainy and foggy.
Boy riding a donkey in Arslanbob
Traditional Kyrgyz hats (kalpak)
An upmarket bakery in Jalal-Abad
A chat at the Bazaar in Jalal Abad
A mother with child in their yurt
Women baking traditional bread
A Muslim cemetery with a view on the outskirts of Kazarman
The bus station in the small town of Naryn
The Caravanserai at Tash Rabat
Russian samovar in a Kyrgyz yurt