> Photos: Syria - January

“Kitchen Street”
The sweets in Syria are to die for
Others are just nice to look at
The Roman Theater in Bosra
Our local market
This family runs one of the numerous sweets shops in our neighbourhood
Umayyad mosque in Damascus
Umayyad mosque in Damascus
Sinan Pascha Mosque in Damascus
Woman at the temporary Russian Market in Damascus
Triumphal arch in Palmyra
Colonnaded street in Palmyra
Women shopping for headscarves in the souq
Mausoleum of Sayyda Zainab
Minarett of the Sayyda Zainab mausoleum
Coffee vendor in the street
Madrasa Al-Nuria in Damascus
Mausoleum of Sayyida Ruqayya in Damascus
Chapel of St Paul in Damascus
Convent of St Thekla in Maalula