> Photos: Uzbekistan - August 2013

Food stalls preparing kebab in the Urgut Sunday Market
Kids on a donkey in the small town of Urgut
Bread and salad in the Bibi Khanum Bar in Samarkand
Fish shop in Samarkand
A talisman against the evil eye
Different embroidered clothes (suzanni) in the Suzanne Bar in Samarkand
Men waiting for prayer time at the Hazrat Malik Ashtar Mosque in Shakhrisabz
The ferris wheel in Shakrhisabz
Transporting firewood in the Langar mountains
The mosque in Langar (near Shakhrisabz)
Uzbekistan Airways airplane in an amusement park in Qarshi
Dome of the Xoja Zayniddin Mosque in Bukhara
Sewing machines on sale in the Bazar in Gijduvan
Traditional pottery in the Narzullaev workshop in Gijduvan
The Karakhanide (11th century) minaret in Vabkent
Girl playing in Bukhara
Local design patterns on a Soviet period housing block in Nukus
The huge, century-old Mizdakh Khan cemetery near Nukus
Mausoleum Mazdumkhan on the Mizdakh Khan cemetery near Nukus
Ship cemetery in Moynak
Self-made transport in the dying town of Moynak
View over the old town of Khiva
Traditional tiling pattern in the old town of Khiva